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During the lockdowns and even after things started to open back up, most people were a little or a lot less active than they had been prior to the pandemic. When we become less active or inactive, our bodies are affected on all levels, including the heart, lungs, and muscles. We lose the capacity for the activity that we once had, which will inevitably affect daily life. We might notice that we can’t bend over as easily, we can’t carry groceries or lift things that we used to be able to as it’s more difficult now or impossible.

Now that the gyms are open again and people are starting to try and exercise or get through their daily routine, many notice that they don’t have the stamina, strength, or endurance they once did. If you push too hard at first, which we often see with “weekend warriors,” that’s when you will most likely cause injury or trauma to occur.

Many people, especially the elderly, may find that they are having difficulty navigating their home tasks and daily activities the way they used to.

Whether you are 21 or 91, you might require extra help with strengthening, stamina, or other issues depending on your lifestyle, and Physical Therapists are trained to help you with targeted treatments and protocols depending on your specific needs.

Deconditioning is when physical change takes place in your ability to move appropriately or adequately. Periods of inactivity will cause adverse effects even on basic things like stretching. Physical therapists work to custom tailor a program that will help you regain any lost range of motion, strength, and endurance.

It’s critical for individuals to start moving; however, the key is not to overdo it too quickly. Reconditioning your body to move again and in the way that it once was able to takes careful yet strategic planning.

Doctors of PT will help you regain cardiovascular performance, strength, and tolerance levels with consistent, beneficial therapy. Physical therapists guide, educate, and encourage patients to stay on track and jump-start their ability to recondition their lifestyle. PT also helps with deconditioning balance issues for fall prevention.

Never underestimate the ability to stretch. Stretching muscles to a certain length allows them to move in a certain way. The ability to move muscles requires length, and then once they are lengthened, we can work on strengthening them to be effective.

Naples Premier Physical Therapy

Our main focus is to deliver the most outstanding care that is designed to get you back to your normal life again, and to help you better understand what caused your problem and the solutions available. Our treatments take place in a fully equipped gym and private treatment rooms for all manual and massage therapy.

The equipment we use is state of the art and has the backing of countless research studies to prove its effectiveness. Lightforce Cold Light Laser and Zimmer’s Radial Shockwave Therapy offer the latest in improving tissue healing rates and accelerating the ability to get back to a more enjoyable life. We provide friendly care and are committed to the results we promise.

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