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Dr. Shane Smith is a respected and licensed physical therapist, who has been practicing in Naples, Florida for the last 10 years.

Who Is Dr Shane Smith, The Leading PT in Naples, Florida?

Dr. Shane Smith is a respected and licensed physical therapist, who has been practicing in Naples, Florida for the last 10 years.  

He was actually born and raised in Champaign, Illinois, so he has some midwestern roots, but was fortunate enough to move to Florida at the age of 11, and spent the second half of his childhood growing up in Naples. He certainly considers himself a local and does his best to help his fellow Naples citizens out with physical therapy-based issues.  

The big reason why he decided to become a physical therapist was after being drawn to sports when growing up. He enjoyed athletics competition and physically challenging himself. Through his experience with sports, as you will well be aware, injuries are going to happen. 

So when he saw teammates go down with severe injuries, he realized that recovery was vital for the future of their sporting ambitions. From an early age in high school, seeing some of his teammates on the football team deal with various injuries and seeing some of them rehab correctly and be able to go on to college and do great things with their lives drove him to really want to make that dream a reality for all athletes out there.

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Dr Shane was fortunate as a child to have supportive parents. His mom was a chiropractor, which gave him an early experience of what the medical side of professional work looked like.  

Getting to see people’s reaction after care and being able to get back to a pain-free life from a young age really drove him to want to help people like his mother did.  

His father was an engineer and, while he considered that profession, he soon decided that healthcare was for him – and so the journey began. 

However, some solid advice from his father set him in good stead for what was to come. That advice was that he needed to do what he loved and if he loved what he did, then he would never work a day in his life. That idea really drove him to be a physical therapist, allowing him to help those in need, while enjoying every day at work.

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Meeting people and learning what makes people tick is a big thing for Dr. Shane.  

He is a regular golfer, runs regularly and is very big into fitness.  

Dr. Shane also has a wonderful family, a six-year-old son Lawson and a two-year-old Sullivan. He has been married to Alina for the last 10 years and they enjoy a great life in Naples raising their children.  

He considers himself very fortunate to be a member of the Naples community and is a board member of the MS Center of Southwest Florida.  

Being a physical therapist, he treats orthopedic patients and injuries related to sports, joint and back and spine-based problems, but also deals with neurologic-based issues that affect people such as MS. Throughout his 10 years as a physical therapist, he’s treated a lot of patients with MS, and as a result the MS Center asked him to be a board member, which is considered a real honor.  

Dr Shane has also worked for the Naples football team and he really enjoys working with student athletes as well as active fit individuals in the community.

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