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Discover Dry Needling: Advanced Therapy for Resolving Persistent Pain at Naples Premier Physical Therapy

If you’ve had physical therapy before that’s helped, but it hasn’t fully improved all of your issues, there’s something new out there in Florida that’s allowed and on offer at Naples Premier Physical Therapy, and it’s called dry needling.  

You may or may not have heard of this, but it’s something that’s been around for thousands of years and because it’s been around for so long, there’s lots of great research and great benefits to it. Dry needling is also known as acupuncture.  

Dr Shane is a certified dry needling therapist in Naples. He has been treating patients with dry needling for over two years, and enjoyed incredible outcome measures. He has had patients with nerve pain, muscle pain and Achilles tendonitis issues that have not alleviated with injections, they have not eased with traditional therapy, and they have not improved with just rest.

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Dry needling with electro is on offer and extremely beneficial for improving your healing rate. There has been some incredible research out there showing that dry needling treatment can improve headaches as good, or better, than Botox injections.  

Research shows dry needling can improve blood circulation to your knee up to 80%. If you’re dealing with severe arthritis, you need blood flow into that joint to help with healing those tissues that are inflamed and irritated.  

If you’ve dealt with muscle issues, maybe your spine’s very tight, maybe you’ve got glute issues that those muscles with stretching just don’t release. Dry needling is a great treatment approach for doing that.

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Dr. Shane will insert a few acupuncture needles that are very, very small. You don’t even feel them go into your body. Specific muscles are targeted that can only be reached via dry needling.  

If we look at our muscles, there are layers to them and dry needling gets to the deep, deep muscles that are usually the root cause of a lot of problems.  

An acupuncture needle can get to those muscles and can treat them like nothing else. Patients have had great results with using dry needling in incorporation with other aspects of treatment.  

And if you’ve had no luck with your pain point, please give the clinic a call because dry needling can be of benefit for you.

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