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Low Back Pain

Discover Relief: Effective Solutions for Chronic Low Back Pain at Naples Premier Physical Therapy

If you’ve been suffering from low back pain and have been told by your doctor that they don’t really know why and it affects you every single day, you may be dealing with degeneration in your back. Degeneration in the back can be many, many things and it affects many, many people when they get over the age of 55. 

Degeneration can occur in the joints of your low back. It can occur in muscle tissue in your low back. It can also occur in the disc material that separates the bones in your low back. As we live our life and wear and tear occurs on our body, which are completely normal situations, we can lose some structural integrity of our spine.

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This isn’t a problem as we age. It’s just something we need to be aware of and manage well as we age. If you have disc issues, there is a good chance you could have some nerve pinching in the back.  

Naples Premier Physical Therapy can treat that very easily with soft tissue work to loosen tension in the back as well as traction therapy to decompress those nerves. He has found patients with disc-related problems in their low back can have improvement within two weeks of treatment.  

If you’re dealing with severe arthritis in the spine, rest assured it’s something Dr Shane sees all the time. Severe arthritis can be worsened via diet as well as inactivity. Most people that deal with arthritis pain typically have poor diets.  

That’s where he comes into play. Dr Shane will teach you how to safely move and improve your overall mobility of your body so that you can get back to playing golf and pickleball and not be worried about rotating your body without severe pain affecting your back.

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These results can be attainable by treating the other underlying tissues that surround these structures and are also part of the problem. If you have arthritis in your spine, you are not going to want to move much because it’s hard to move.  

There are exercises, stretches and movements you need to do regularly to maintain and improve your mobility. That’s something that you aren’t taught in life, it’s what therapists and other medical professionals are able to instruct and assist you with.  

Once you learn how to move properly, it’s just like brushing your teeth each day. Every morning going through your mobility routine will improve your overall functionality throughout the day. Once you can move without pain, Dr. Shane will strengthen your body in that movement pattern.  

That’s exactly what prevents injuries from affecting you while you golf, while you play pickleball or while you enjoy everyday activities dealing with these problems as you age.

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