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Unlock Pain-Free Living: Transform Your Knee Health Without Surgery at Naples Premier Physical Therapy

Have you had difficulty with walking? Or maybe just standing and doing everyday tasks is painful? Perhaps you saw an orthopedic doctor for your knee pain and he told you that you’ve got arthritis and breakdown in the joint and the only option for you is cortisone or a knee replacement.  

Well, Dr. Shane is here to tell you that there’s many other options available to improve your knee health without having to go under the knife or deal with steroid shots or medications forever.

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He has seen so many patients who were told they need a knee replacement when they can actually go through rehab in a short period of time and no surgeries are needed. One of the things he deals with regularly down in Naples, FL in seasonal months is patients told up north that they need a knee replacement but they’re not willing to do it at the time they’re told to.  

They have plans to enjoy their life in Naples for the winter months and want to enjoy it the best they can; they’ll deal with surgery when they get back.  

But while here in Naples and golfing, walking or just doing leisurely activities knee pain has crept up and hurt them severely.  

If that sounds like you then you’re not the only one. He sees this seasonal trend with patients. The thing Dr. Shane loves about this problem and seasonal patients is that his team at Naples Premier Physical Therapy have only a short time period to improve their mobility and their knee health with surgery not in the picture, while they are enjoying spending time in Naples.

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One of the common things to happen after Dr. Shane improves them is they tend to cancel their surgeries after rehab sessions. He has been fortunate enough to know that after 8 or 10 sessions with a severe arthritis knee he is going to get them able to walk without pain.  

He is going to get them able to playing golf with moderate discomfort and be able to get them back to enjoying their life without the fear and need of knee surgery. Dr. Shane firmly feels that doing certain things non-surgical first with the knee is extremely beneficial.  

But when you do need surgery, you will have a better outcome by doing pre-hab. A lot of Dr. Shane’s treatment methodologies will improve the overall mobility of your knee. They will improve natural healing of the joint so that you can have improvement in how that joint feels first thing in the morning, and standing, or walking throughout the day and performing leisure activities like pickleball or golf.  

If you only have a short window of time in Naples, then make the most of it with a visit to Dr Shane.

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** Note: there is no treatment given at one of our taster sessions. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

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