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Relief Ahead: Break Free from Neck Pain with Naples Premier Physical Therapy

You may be suffering from neck pain, and it’s something Dr. Shane hears all the time. Neck pain is one of the most common things he deals with and a lot of people are working at desks and computers, so ergonomics becomes so important when we look at the neck.  

The neck doesn’t have the same effects as the low back because there’s not as much weight going through it. You have the weight of your skull on your neck and that’s it.  

So in terms of strengthening the neck, it doesn’t have to be as strong as the low back because there’s not as much weight to sustain and hold.  

However, changing the position of your head when you sit can change things drastically. The weight of your head can go from 8 to 12 pounds up to 60 pounds, just based on where and how your head is placed.  

If you work with Dr Shane and the team at Naples Premier Physical Therapy, they can help improve your ergonomics, help improve your overall posture so that holding a good posture doesn’t become a task it – instead becomes common sense and you get a sense of ease and enjoyment because you don’t feel neck pain when you’re sitting in correct posture.

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Many neck pain patients have dealt with it for years because it doesn’t go away easily. All it takes is one poor night of sleep and they’re back to severe pain again.  

It’s something Dr Shane’s wife has suffered from and he has had many sleepless nights waking up trying to help stretch and massage her neck because she’s been in tears and she can’t sleep because of how bad the pain feels.  

But now, her neck pain has improved and she can sleep comfortably without waking up due to neck pain thanks to her improved strength and ergonomics.  

Those changes Dr. Shane has done for her, he knows he can do for you.  

But it’s not only with his wife, he’s done the same for countless other patients over the years. Whether you’re 20 dealing with neck pain or 75 dealing with neck pain, he’s improved the full spectrum.  

You don’t have to have a perfect spine in your neck to be out of pain. That’s another fallacy. People think because they have changes structurally to their neck, it’s never going to be good, but that’s not true. Most people have some form of degeneration in their neck and don’t even know it because it doesn’t affect or bother them in everyday life.

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If you get the right exercises, the right postural changes and the right hands-on work, these problems can be a thing of the past. With a thorough treatment approach using cold laser, hands-on work to improve mobility of the spine, cervical traction to decompress your neck, as well as using dry needling to improve deep muscle structures that may be tight and have it relaxed in years, Dr. Shane can get your neck moving appropriately and get you out of neck pain.  

You could soon be working at your desk and or sleeping at night without having constant pain ruining your day.  

Another negative thing that happens when the neck hurts is you get a lot of muscle tension. If that tension creeps up near the base of your skull, headaches can become a subsequent problem. Dr. Shane sees a lot of people suffering from debilitating headaches and migraines because they have a lot of tension in their neck.  

You may have tried Botox or other injection methods that are only temporary and only minimally help your overall symptoms. That is only a short-term fix because the root problem you’re dealing with in your neck hasn’t been addressed.  

Most people never think to do strengthening exercises and they never think to do mobility exercises on their neck. If you get into a solid routine, which he can help create for you to improve your neck posture, then you can improve how you feel when you’re sitting at work, while your pain and symptoms affecting everyday life will all be gone too.

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