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You may be suffering from Sciatica, and it's something Dr. Shane hears about all the time. The pain may be in the back of your leg, hopefully not in the foot.

Sciatica is a tough issue. People get injections for it, they get surgery for it, and yet sometimes it never seems to go away entirely. Sciatica is very tough because it affects not only older individuals, but younger ones as well.  

Dr. Shane regularly treats young athletes that can’t sprint and run how they want to in their sport because they get too much pain in the back of the leg and they don’t know why. He’s dealt with older individuals that wake up first thing in the morning and they have a shooting pain down their leg that can hardly allow them to stand safely or walk.  

These are symptoms that plague many, many people out there that he sees on a daily basis. You may have tried injections which proved successful for a short duration. You may have tried surgery but unfortunately didn’t have success with that.  

Maybe you’ve seen trainers or massage therapists that have provided some relief, but perhaps didn’t fully tackle your issues or figure out the true root cause of these problems.

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Dr Shane is here to tell you his main goal with treating sciatica.

He wants you to understand why you can have irritation to your sciatic nerve, where your irritation can be at and what steps you need to do to get over it and to manage it going forward. Sometimes sciatica is something we live with forever, but it doesn’t have to inflict and irritate our bodies forever.  

He tells his patients suffering from sciatica that there are three main points where your sciatic nerve could be affected and injured.  

You could have an issue in the spine that is pinching a nerve, leaving the spinal canal.  

You could have tightness in your glutes, which is compressing on your sciatic nerve as it runs down your leg.  

You could also have tightness in your hamstrings that could lead to irritation to that nerve.  

Sometimes it’s a combination of more than one of these areas causing your problem. Unfortunately, normal doctors are only going to look at imaging on your spine.  

They will never understand that muscles in the hips or legs could be causing this issue. That’s why they’ll repeatedly tell you it’s coming from your back and it’s only about continuing to inject your back because that’s where the problem is.

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Well, Dr Shane knows it may not all be from your back. He finds a lot of times with sciatica that just doing basic stretching of the hips, stretching of the hamstrings, improving mobility and working on core strength to keep your posture correct, will go a really long way and last much, much longer than an injection will to help this pain point.  

Sometimes stretching isn’t enough and you’ve tried that already. That’s where he comes into play because Dr. Shane is able to work with his hands and the latest technology equipment in his office.  

Have you ever had cold laser therapy? He also uses a wide range of treatments; instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, mechanical traction, dry needling – sometimes with electrical impulse stimulation – as well as myofascial release with his hands and spinal mobilization to improve overall mobility of your back, or even your hip and leg to help improve your ability to manage this condition on your own.  

With his help and guidance, and helped by your own diligent outlook, he can get you out of severe sciatica pain and enjoy your life going forward.

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